Sunday, 5 November 2017

adding Linux dual boot to windows 8 and explained it to me.

When it said that it was missing firmware for my wifi I skipped, (as I was not sure how to get hold of those files using windows and how to write them to an external USB flash in such a way that the debian installer would find them... and then the installer got my wifi working anyway.) I thought that I could just dig up an ethernet cable and plug into my router for the install.

I am a fan of encryption for everything. So should I dm-crypt my linux partition and/or my swap? Logically yes, but hard disks fail and if my backup fails then recovering files from a broken disk is sometimes possible. Recovering files from a dm-crypt disk is not realistically going to happen.

I started with X11 then used WindowMaker and then blackbox. So I selected LXDE with a plan to crunchbang it into shape after install.

As of 2015 it feels like LXDE is for those that can use a command-line and Cinnamon is for everyone else, including your grandfather.

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