Thursday, 23 February 2017

You won't believe how surprised computer scientists were at these results!!

President of the United states of America FAILS the Turing Test!!!

 Last night the well respected team of scientists lead by Professor Et Al published their latest findings in Nature You might not know that all world leaders are routinely screened to pre-emptively check for dementia, (no one should want a clinically insane person with their metaphorical finger on the nuclear button). One of the regular test is a tried and tested Turing Test created by the eminent Cambridge scientist Alan Turing.

 The shocking truth is that Donald Trump failed his latest Turing Test! This is the first time in history that any adult has failed to pass this test.

The elegance off these battery of tests is that each and every country can each independently run them to ensure that diplomatic discourse has a chance to maintain trade and continue our inevitable progress towards world peace.

The physical tests, such as blood tests to check for Treponema pallidum and other potentially mentally debilitating infections have to be administered locally by their native country. These results can be shared via covert diplomatic channels to quietly maintain stability.

Thankfully,  where there is animosity between the countries there is a huge collection of tests that can be applied. Some of these are statistical analysis of
verbal and written language. Thankfully, with the advent of Twitter these tests can be performed in real-time 24/7 to provide continuous results. So far it has been all clear. There have been a few close calls but yesterday was the first conclusive failure.

What does this mean for his country? There isn't currently an established channel of care to safely inform the president of his failure, which leaves all of Washington wondering how to fix this major problem.

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