Sunday, 31 January 2016

[windows] NAS re-connect fail

TL;DR: Control Panel > Credential Manager
On the right hand side "Add a Windows Credential".

I've just been repairing someone's dual-boot Debian/Windows 8 laptop, (obviously it was the Windows that had the problem.) When I boot the, (frankly cheap, but brand new) laptop into Linux everything that I request seems to happen instantly, or much faster than Windows. [0] They have a NAS and each time they reboot into Window they had to re-enter their username and password. (The NAS partitions mount automatically under Linux. ) So I checked that the NAS supported SAMBA, (it does) and did some other tests. I created a test user on the NAS and that worked, (would reconnect by itself after reboot.) Eventually I realised the problem, (I had to get into the cult mindset of Microsoft.)

The user had the same username to log into windows as they do for the NAS, so the Windows operating system defaults to the local details. This is despite the re-connect challenge window having a "Remember these details" box - which Windows arogantly and presumptuously ignores, and uses the local system details... which fail because the user is well trained enough to not use the same passphrase for everything.

The details that most helped me crack this problem was actually on a microsoft site. My thanks to maximus006dflw:

MA maximus006dflw replied on
Use credential manager in Windows 7 to remember the username and password for your NAS Drive if it doesnt remember it automatically.
Go to Start / Control Panel / User Accounts and Family Safety / Credential Manager
On the right hand side, right below where it says "Windows Credentials" Select "Add a Windows Credential".
Enter your NAS' Server name in the first box.
User Name in the second box and your password for the server in the third box.

[0] For example, opening a new folder on Windows takes 1 to 10 seconds, depending on how its feeling. On Linux it seems to happen before I've finished pressing the W+f chord.

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