Thursday, 28 January 2016

Things to do with your hands

The first type of shorthand that I tried to learn was one of the Pitman. Since then I've found that I prefer the Gregg/Thomas/Boyd/Gabelsberger/Groote flowing types.

If you are interested in such a thing then I would suggest learning Hangul and then looking at Arabic script before creating your own system.  (Note Devanagari digits!)

SI units and scientific notation help to keep numbers short.

If you want to lengthen a vowel from win to wine then just add an ee. [wat?]

The problem is that stenography has been shown to be much faster than any popular keyboard, (such as Qwerty). The advantage of, (light line) shorthand is that a any writing surface that has a flowing system of writing, (pencil on paper, chalk on slate, finger in the sand) are all possible without specialised equipment.

That is where Plover is so interesting.

oh and Learn Cued Speech. It makes you a superhero.

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