Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Poppins Shield

As someone once said, "A spoon full of sugar, helps the medicine go down." With that in mind I want to explore, (and collect)  the types of ideas that help you lie to yourself, or at least protect yourself from your own brain and others.

The first example is putting your watch forward by a few minutes if you are always late.

The second is using a smaller plate if you habitually server yourself too much, (if your eyes are bigger than your stomach, or if you would like your stomach to be a little smaller.)

If you are a Freudian then I'm looking for Id management, without the repression, regression, rationalisation, displacement, denial or projection that only have positive results with no negative reactions. Effortless self-working magic tricks for the Egos tool kit.

One of the extreme poppins shields is to put a padlock on the refrigerator, (lock the fridge, not just using the flat surface at the top to store locks!) A watered down version is putting the cookie-jar on the top shelf, (or on the fridge, with your locks, or in a cupboard.)

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