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The opportunity cost of W.I.G.S.

I've just watched a few episodes of and so far really liked it.

It seems that the WIGS acronym may stand for: Where It Gets Social but before I found that as a URI hint in the site FAQ I expected it would be Women In Great Situations. If you watch WIGS:Lauren s01e01 then you are going to have to stretch Great to mean Huge Heavy Horrible. nononon not the episode - that was great (such a fan of Jennifer Beals and anything for which she stands.) I want to fire world leaders so that each of her characters can have their own country to run. Lets face it, Dr. Carolyn Tyler would make a better president than anyone currently running. (Even Alex Owens could improve your counties over-all fitness.)  I seem to Beals off track.

WIGS:Jan s01e01..03 seems to be a massively self-indulgent-pillow-hugging-sqee-fest. Who wouldn't want the attention of a hot actor that is currently hanging on the wall of your apartment? I'm wondering if it will get to a deeper message. I'm scared that it is going to go sour or explore a 50shades power imbalance, (who am I kidding - it will probably be more realistic ;-)

Talking of messages: I'm an unashamed non-ironic fan of Sutton Foster Bunheads, Younger. I feel like I'm hanging out with my friend and at the same time she is 100% protected by a thin layer of plastic and the whole of the Internet. I love her energy, the insanely fast dialog that she is able to deliver, (for science: I wonder if that makes her a karma-sutra level kisser? Liza would "totes be squicked" by me, just after she googled squicked ;-). Sure Younger is a Comedy of Errors but at its core it is the sort of material that could be one of the chapters in WIGS. A woman's struggle with finding her deserved place in the workforce when she is ready willing and able... (does s01e12 equate to twelve nights, I mean The Twelfth Night? manic over analysis is silly-fun ;-)

What do we deserve? Nothing. Nada. Zip. It does not matter if I'm the best butcher in Christendom; if everyone converts to being Vegan I don't DESERVE to be a butcher. We should support others, (think long spoons in heaven), but the whole concept of deserve is philosophically flawed.

So lets talk about opportunity cost. Everyone has them.. ALL of the time. Every second of your life has an opportunity cost. [That reminds me - I meant to blog about standard time increments as being meaningful: i.e. a month is the time it takes to get used to certain things...] You are sat reading this and you could be learning a sonnet that will impress someone at a poetry-slam := that will improve your life in ways that you can't possibly imagine. Seriously learn some poetry. (Rather than vidangering your brain with vacuous activities or narcotic distractions, upload some word chains.)
  Children are a huge HUGE (is it too early for a circular reference?) deal. Turns out that they are like a car. Even the cheap ones are expensive. You don't need a licence and everyone is FAR worse at driving than they think they are. If you crash your car into someone then you ruin two lives and society has agreed to punish you. If you have a child and you suck at parenting, (how many people are naturally talented at the same thing? We might each be good at something, but its a different thing) then its like you have already crashed.. but your punishment comes from your family. If you think you want to be a parent, try babysitting teenagers for a weekend and just reject every idiotic, (that means everything) that they suggest or request. Saying NO over and over really gets tiring... which is why we a programmed to LOOOOOOOOOOOVE babies. Which is, I submit, mother natures most impressive trick: getting us to love incontinent vomit machines that cause insomnia and rob you of your sex-drive. Its the most powerful form of hypnosis that I've ever seen. (Sadly this is advice that can not survive genetically - those that are wise enough to know won't pass on that genius genetically and the morons carry on breading ;-) [There are exceptions - I've notified each of the ones that I know of by kindly banging on your door in the middle of the night and eating your delicious soup - again thanks for taking me in.] There is hope! I hope - I have two nieces that give me hope that humanity isn't totally lost - but that's a lot for two young women to carry. [Though P's daughter and N's daughter prevent me from crossing H1N1 with H5N1 and sneezing on humanity.]

Agh, I Bealsed myself again. Where was I? oh yes Opportunity cost. So you are in your late twenties and realise that "30 is the new 20" is just wrong. You hear the biological clock ticking in your dreams. You grab the nearest fertile match for your genitals and make a baby. Or you have been together so long that the social pressure of all of your friends starting to pop-out sprogs wears you down like an over used condom, (they are SINGLE use people!)
  Turns out that you are the best mother in the world. Your goddess of a daughter turns 18 and leaves home. You want to go back to work because you realise that you no longer recognise the man that lives with you, (what where you thinking? Simple: you weren't! There should be laws to support vulnerable girls like you from your younger self! I image the court-cases that older women will bring against their younger selves when time-travel becomes common place.)
   It sucks - you spent a good chunk of your life raising a vulnerable fetus into a future valuable member of society. Surely you deserve something for that? An award? A trophy? Turns out its your ex that has the trophy called Sophie and you win... a loathing of your own body. [Masturbation, I'll let you take it from there.]

Lets fast-forward to the last 10 years of your life. Now lets use that time-travel to go back and convince your younger self that Vince is the worst sort of vice and that literally anyone else would be better. Your younger self literally understand your ironic use of literally and at the same time rejects this old woman trying to be hip. Your younger judgement causes a fissure in time and both futures pop into existence. You see another version of yourself in the mirror. She is old and wise like you, but rather than the lines on your thighs, she has them on her face - (yes from laughing - stop being ageist!) The mirror melts and you realise that the third woman is also you, but for the time-line where you were convinced not to have children. She is there for the same reason - to change the past. She brags about the adventures that she has had and the people that she has both met and been. Then all bravado falls away as she sobbingly begs your younger self to get knocked up as soon as possible. (Yeah, your other older self is also trying to truth-it unfiltered to get through.) You are shocked and appalled. Sure you love your daughter but why would the free version of yourself want that burden? Well it turns out that having someone in the next generation to look after you when you are lame half-blind deaf and your reality has be superseded by an alien planet called "future earth". You come from the past and are not prepared for this strange future world. You need someone to translate for you and look after you and, she says, despite having the money to pay someone to look after her, (which you don't) the one thing that is missing in her life is the love of a child. At that moment you realise that the scales balance. By having a child, (don't be sloppy or greedy now) you moved some of the misery of your old-age to your middle-age. By having a child you spear out the challenges of life and most importantly you pushed this down to when you were younger and better able to cope with them, (though it didn't feel like it at the time.) You catch the look of your other older-self and in that moment you just shatter: your compassion and sadness gapes as your face does its time-laps drying grape impression. It gets hard to breath between gasps and yous hug to support yousrselves. [sic.]

Slowly the two of your find some sort of composure and realise that your younger self is still there. She doesn't know which of you she wants to be and none of yous is a financial analyst or a psychologist. No one can tally the finical or emotional merit of either path. (Someone else can try.) Younger you invites you both to eat the most comforting and unhealthy food that is known from your past. You both agree that young you is already full of wisdom and you walk off, together.


So what's the point? None of us can walk both paths, so we will never know. I'm one of the people that loved The Alchemist and hated Veronika Decides to Die, (maybe because the first was self-congratulatory and the latter held no surprises for me.) My point is, like the Alchemist I know that how ever clear or opaque the point is, the message has to already exist within the reader; and not just in the "I know" or the "its fine" part of the brain, but in the heart where it can be felt. Seeds can be planted, (check out some of the more tricky word-salads from hypnosis) but even then they can take a lot of attention to grow, and grow well. So, like  make of this as you can.

I have so many stories and it makes me a little sad that I haven't taken the time necessary to grow them in order to share them. That is why I liked W.I.G.S. stories that are getting told. It will have meaning for someone, (just a VDtD did for one of my friends.. no really I hated that book.)

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