Saturday, 28 March 2015

You must be wrong about my denial

"Would you like a mint?" Is not a question.

The opponents of reductionism are falling into the easy trap of attacking the proponent or their poor grasp of reductionism.

Lets talk about simplicity. Binary. One and Zero. Any system that is founded on binary should be fairly simple. The first attack is that such a system could never cover the nuance and subtle complexxxity of human existence. Once you get to shodan level in the board game weiqi I would expect you to see that this is false.
2^20 is over a million. Calculate all of the branches of English Peg-solitaire and we find that huge complexity can be encompassed by simple rules.

Why is denial a part of human psyche? It is a powerful tool that enables an individual to select branches of possibility within the hugely complex web of choices in a day. It, (and crying) are bridges over the chasm of incompatible or conflicting demands.

... but if someone offers you a mint, you say thank you and you take it. (You don't have to eat it.) Then you go home and wash all of your clothes and yourself. Why do we do this? Because denial of personal hygiene is fine in a hunter-gather society, but unacceptably selfish in a modern urban environment. The only thing worse is rudeness, but we need a system of euphemistic communication to protect civility. This is true because it is more selfish than smelling bad to impose your demands upon someone else, because we may be in denial about our own motivation.

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