Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Image search

Have you ever found a thumbnail image on the Internet and wondered if you could find the original? They bill themselves as a, "Reverse Image Search" which is great as a description, but like many descriptions you can't understand how useful something is until you find a need and remember the right tool in the moment.
 I was once cooking with my father and a pan caught on fire. I ran to the sink and wet a cloth and squeezed it out. He then draped it over the pan and the flames went out. My mother then asked, "why didn't you use the fire blanket that we bought last week?" I felt silly, but the simple answer is, I did not think of it at the time.

 So if you have the above need/problem with an image, (and you are not trying to alter the image, that is what GIMP is for), then remember Tin Eye.

Another example: I had an image of a forest that I had found on some wallpaper site. The file was called 524.jpg. So when I was asked, "where is that?" I had no idea... until I used Tineye. They gave me many results and one of them was actually named. So 524.jpg became Yakushima Forest

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