Published: 2014-Jun-25 12:46

Programming paradigms and economic modles

(Haskell has a functional paradigm while Objective-C is imperative.)

"If  John Maynard Keynes economic model can be thought of as being functional then Friedrich Hayek's model would be imperative."

Discuss. Which is more socialist.

Keynes seems to see the macro financial system as being as static as a Haskell variable, which leads to the conclusion that a government can inject/invest its way out of a financial crisis. This idea comes from the perceived perpetual existence of society and that a nation is a perpetual-money-machine that sometimes needs a kick.

F.A. Hayek focuses on the individual micro economics and scales up, (ad absurdum from Keyne's point of view.) This is more realistic because indefinite growth on a physically finite planet is ludicrus.

Keynes might point out that money, like numbers themselves are infinite.