Published: 2014-Jun-27 13:03

Dark Energy vs Dark Matter

(some) Speculation, (not proven science!)

Dark Matter = missing mass of a galaxy, (about 26.8% of stuff)
Dark Energy = fuel the expansion of the universe (about 68.3% of stuff)

If all visible matter from the standard model is only about 5% of mass-energy within the space-time of this universe, and theoretically, about half of all mass-energy should be anti-matter, then 13.4% of stuff should be anti-dark matter and 34.15% should be anti-dark energy.

Until we prove otherwise I'm going to presume that Dark Matter is cosmic phlogiston and the measured variations in the rotation of stars within some galaxies is caused by a property of either space-time or the interaction between space-time and mass-energy.

Dark Energy, on the other hand is proof of other {mem}brains interacting with this one.

Bonus round

Is there an experiment to demonstrate the speed of force through a solid? (To disprove the "fastest way to communicate with the moon is to send Morse code by constructing a solid rod all the way from earth, and pushing on one the Earth end to press the Morse key on the moon.") I can see that the inertia of the rod would prevent the message getting there faster than a laser photon, but how much slower would it be?