Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Keep your enimies classy

It has been said that you can tell more about a person by their enemies than their friends, (and if it hasn't - I just did.)

I want you to think about two words: Viking Philistines.

The Northmen that attacked and invaded the north east of England were from warrior nations. They were not gentle or fluffy and didn't have funny hats with horns. They were brutal and eventually assimilated or repelled.
(While in Normandy they were more successful and the Frankish people built castles to keep them from spreading.)

The Philistines were a tribe, as labelled and described by another tribe. Among the many Philistine warriors there is one that you have certainly heard of, (though some need the addition of his vanquisher to give him context): Goliath, of "David and Goliath" from a number of religious stories.

So what does that say about how the attacked tribes and those that record these events view and treat these historic tribes.

For me Viking is a complement, (almost romantic word - certainly when it comes to Lagertha Lothbrok). Philistine is an insult.

Possibly more interesting: How did these few words make you react emotionally? Was it interesting, antagonistic, frustrating, enlightening? How much control over your own reaction did you have? If you had been born in a different country, would you still have a similar reaction? Or is your community dissociated from the country within which you live? I bring this up based on the conflicting ideas of:

You live in your body;
You ARE your body.

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