Thursday, 23 January 2014

How deep is your FUD?

When as executive from Microsoft said, "You can just google me, ah um Bing me." There was much chuckling. At the time it was said that Bing was not making money and it was suggested in some publications that they would be happy for someone else to take it off their hands.

Was this a natural slip of the tongue?

If you don't have enough material for your conspiracy theories then try this idea on for size:

"It was a corporate equivalent of a military surgical strike. If Google becomes google in law then their trademark becomes worthless."

Just a moment? What are you on about? (Would be a reasonable question.)

Well, (I would say with deliberate pause) if it can be shown that a trademark has become part of the normal term of a man-in-the-street then it is watered down like a sandcastle on a beach. Just as band-aid, in the USA become the default term for a self-adhesive medical strip and  Hoover, (the vacuum cleaner manufacturer) became the standard word for that item in the UK, if google replaces the word search on the Web and for those that use the Internet, then Google will have hit that interesting point in law that creates a sort of they-should-have-already-made-enough-money point in its corporate life cycle.

If you want to season that plate with some cynicism, (and it is Monday after all) are mistakes and apologies the current state-of-the-art in the corporate PR arsenal?

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