Thursday, 24 October 2013

What the micro-framework?

I'm impressed by flask. I'm not a great pythonista so you will have to make up your own mind, but when I found Flask Bone my first thought was, . o O ( What is the perl equivalent to fbone? )

I've spent many years hacking Notice together, but it is far from web 2.0, (which is probably why it gets used for internal sites more than external sites, but with HTML5 Boilerplate and bootstrap it scrubs up nicely.)

So how did I find fbone? I was considering porting Notice, (which is mostly perl + jQuery ) to pyNotice, (a proposed python + jQuery.) I didn't want to re-invent the wheel, (though sometimes that can be a good thing), so I did a quick poke to see what was already out there.

Not all websites are created equal, but here are a few things that almost every site, (larger than a blog) need:
  • Login
    • Sign-up
    • Remember me
    • Forgotten password
  • Logout
  • Sessions
    • Client side data
    • Server side data
  • User data
  • File upload
  • Ajax of some sort to improve user experience
  • CSS control, (let the use change this as then need
All of this and we have not even got to the actual functionality of the site. Notice, (which is, at this time, one big perl module) splits its functionality into groups, (that are also called modules, but are not individual modules... yet.)

If you are a web developer that used perl or python, (keep your gems and php to yourself please) what do you use to jumpstart a website? Do you have a stock core code that you use? Is it open-source? Would Richard Stallman or Rev K rage at your code or rate it?

How far does this scale horizontally and vertically? Should we all be moving to happstack?

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