Published: 2013-Sep-25 14:04

New windows desktop, 2013?

So you have a new windows computer. You know, that like a child it is not ready for the scary Internet. So what do you need? This is my list for 2013. will install things for you:


Then add,

openoffice or libraoffice (they do the same, but have not yet merged back into one another.)
Spybot S&D
SpiderOak - because you NEED backup and you need it FIRST and secure.
GRAMPS - family can be complicated; you should keep track.

Other things that you might like, that I can recommend are:

 Chrome Browser
 Pidgin + OTR
 VLC (though sMplayer is also good)
 Winamp (deadbeef if you are on linux)
 Audacity (record or edit audio. AVIdemux for video).
 Java Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (to play on KGS)
 GIMP (why isn't this a verb yet? "This image has been gimped."
 AVG (though I usually use ClamWin or ClamAV.)
 Spybot 2
 7-Zip  - no really, we don't need anything else. (If Igor Pavlov is bored, he could add an optional par2 and SHA512 feature to 7-Zip so that archives and RARs could be verified. SSD bit-rot will become more of a worry in the future. 

Have a look at and