Published: 2013-09-13 12:49

[updated: 2013-Sep-25 14:13:44]

MUD Ew-Too

I was asked for a history of my computer network experience and this is the list that my brain dumped out:

Econnect network with BBC micro and BBC master computers.

Snipes network game, (spawner log out last! Or the network crashes.)

Resort Ew-Too talker, ( in Denver Colorado. Aquarius, (or was it Amathyst) told me about a telnet client that would save a lot of typing, (it might have been tintin (tt++); probably not kildclient). (Thank you Simon Marsh.) (that was not the port, but it has moved there.) I remember the benevolent wizard Animal and enjoying running about in that land.

Then I moved onto KobraMud. This was amazing becuse it used the native telnet port, (23) so no port number had to be added. This is where I met someone that was talking about a new mud that was taking wizards. So I logged into and joined their ranks. LPmud and LPC seemed like a fun language. Sort of like C.

This is where I moved over to using TinyFugue as my client.

Last of all was the mighty where I distinctly remember a Druid and something about a Bishop ;-)

Then it turned out that they, (the person asking me about my CNE), were only interested in regular Internet Protocol.