Published: 2013-09-29 16:00

[updated: 2013-Oct-16 19:17:28]

An appreciating appreciation of appreciating appreciation

"Cream always floats to the top" is a saying that I learn on a farm. The idea is that if there is something of quality it will eventually show up. Like many sayings, "Feed a cold, starve a fever" [0] it is easy to pick holes and even easier to miss the idea completely.

When I found out about subbable one comment mentioned and I thought of flattr. My first reaction was, "do we need another?" Then I remembered that the best things evolve, (because how could I chose?) and for that to happen there need to be contestants. Just as KickStarter seems to have won the CrwdFund crown, it will be interesting to see which micropatronage site comes out on top. we have to keep track.

This morning C.G.P. Grey became the second passenger upon the micro-paetron train.
(A very worthy addition, in my opinion.)
[0] This is advice to calm a new mother that is panicking about their ill child. It is NOT medical advice for how to treat those with a fever.