Published: 2013-03-01 18:11

[updated: 2013-Jul-18 16:59:29]

2013 first quarter amelioration


Every day in the first month of 2013 I either did the whole of the Yang-style short-form or 8 pieces of brocade and qigong. I worked on and designing my  standing-on-stake practice, and wrote a blog entry that covered everything that I had experienced in my experiments into energy works.
 I also collected a few more qigong exercises and started to design a taichi/qigong database, to store all of the movements and forms.

I wondered how close we had got to a standard term for tai chi and qi gong. (So obviously I asked


It seems that qi gong is twice as popular as chi kung, but T'ai Chi ch'uan, (google is clever when it comes to ') dwarfs taiji ch'uan. So it looks like the standard is "Tai chi" and "Qi Gong", (even thought the chi/Qi parts are, as far as I understand, the same thing.)

So on to February. My resolution for 201302 was to stretch at least once a day. I found ways to stretch while being at the keyboard, and I focused on the flexibility in my legs, (my arms are quite flexible already.)

In just the first week I managed to go from "wildly grasping to touch my toes with my finger-tips" to "being able to comfortable rest the knuckles of my closed fists on the ground. My goal is to be able to hug my knees this year.


March-ing on I don't have a plan, so that is why I'm writing this to help me think.
I guess a month without alcohol could be possible. Or at least 30 minutes working the soil per day. I'm still doing more Taichi than I was in the last quarter of 2012.