Published: 2013-Jan-07 17:32

New CMS - Notice::Pages

Have you ever wanted a CMS to manage a website [0] that creates static pages, (either with or without a template) ?

Do you want that template to be just HTML with no micro-language, (other than HTML) ?
Do you want that template to have the option of having as much CSS and javascript as you, (or they) want?

Do you want someone, (or even a team) to be able to write and edit the pages and only the Editor, (or Editors) to have the power to actually publish, (set live) the pages that are ready, (and even un-publish them.)

Welcome to Notice::Pages A small perl module build on Notice

Notice::Pages creates flat-files and integrates with an instillation of Notice to create the static portion of the website. (All of the dynamic parts and those that require authentication reside the far side of Notice::Login.)

Deceptively simple, but infinitely flexible, (and with a touch more development it will have the option of a separate template for each page and one static site per account - so that Notice can optionally host multiple sites at the same time.)

Using the deceptively powerful CKeditor, Notice::Pages is light-weight, ready to use, (and looking for a strap-line - and some feed-back.)

[0] or more likely you want the customer, (your friend/parent/sibling) to manage their own website.