Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Qt big?

So you want to build something using Qt? How much space are you going to need?

Well if you skip the full SDK and Qt Creator and just go for the libraries you will need:

  223 MB 4.8.3 for the lib
but uncompressed that could be almost
  700 MB (900 MB if you don't remove the src file)
Then configure and make and that src directory grows to over
  1.6 GB (1.8 GB)
Then sudo make install and that adds
  435 MB (2.2 GB total.)

So those of you that sail close to the wind on a very old laptop, make sure you have enough space before you start, (oh and start make about seven hours before you need Qt on 1.2Ghz Centrion Duo laptop.)

Not surprising or shocking, (I'm sure some GTK+ person is laughing) but annoying if your disk fills up part way through compiling.


I like the zetcode qt4 lib guide.

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