Saturday, 6 October 2012

Open Source ideas

Morning all,

Today I looked at the weather forecast for the weekend, (hoping that it would rain so that I could stay in and program.)

Like a weather forecast crossed with a spell cast, I would like, (and expect that the Internet will provide):

  1. A Google Chrome Extension of/for (there is already a firefox one.)
  2. A C/C++ version of I find this very helpful, and it is written by a brilliant person, (and though I also love BASH I think it is time for a program rather than a script.)
  3. A Google Chrome Extension port of Last-Tab
That is all I have for today. The wild-card idea is a C/C++ container that has google v8 and webkit in it that lets you write something in javascript and then compile it into the container. The resulting program would be a closed source black-box where you and the user would not be able to view the javascript/CSS inside.

I'm envisioning someone taking this web-cube and writing a youtube client, or a gmail client. The browser would become a bit like a virtual machine, and though it would be nice, (for code-recycling and FOSS) to have the container be able to have add-on programs, (lets call them lumps of sugar) that would provide the actual functionality, knowing the PERL::Acme type people - it would not be long before one lump was created just to expose/sell-out any of the others.

Xombrero is already 95% of this, (and GnuPG and NSIS could provided 3-4% of the rest of this idea.)

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