Wednesday, 10 October 2012

DNS; What more do you need?

Today is the day of SOPA protests, and I hope that by the time you are reading this you have to search to find out what the SOPA bill was.

All you need to know, for this post: If you are in favour of freedom then you are against SOPA, and anything else that you say is lies dressed up in fancy words.

 When it comes to the Internet I firmly believe that everyone should be able to say that I am wrong, (as long as it makes a funny video about it.) The funny thing is, with most of the Internet, for every service or software program that you need, there is a free version available, (that is often much better than the ones that you pay for.)

Take DNS. If you have one domain and need DNS services, then the place to go is the Free DNS people over at (they do my DNS.)

  • Web browser - Firefox, though Opera, (and sometimes Chrome) are good.
  • PDF viewer    - Sumatra PDF (one guy > $(a whole corporation) )
  • Image browser- irfanview (again one guy!)
  • Password store - Keepass
  • Image manipulation - GIMP (you can keep your PS)
  •  ... and the list goes on, (to another post.)

If you want software for windows then, ninite or Portable will provide a good list, (even if you are on Linux or Apple then you can still look at these places for a list. The one exception that I know of is that on apple I would suggest Adium where, on windows I use Pidgin as my chat-client. )

There is no longer a single program that I need, that isn't free, (to download, often with the complete source.)

So where does the Internet go from here?  The three things that are left:

  • $1 a-year .com domains; £1 a year .uk domains. (Though domain squatters should be charged 1000 times as much to clear out the domain-space for those that want to use it.)
  • to become a IETF RFC standard, (so that compromised x509 SSL certificates can become free; I thought it would be by a PGP like web-of-trust crossed with openSSH); Each ISP runs its own DNS cache, so they should also run their own TLS notary.
  • Education - we all want to enjoy and benefit from the Internet in our own way. If there are any misguided attempts to control the Internet then it will simply create a greater use of darknets, just as surely as a evolutionary pressures find their own solutions, (well not a perfect analogy, but you get the point). So we have to continually educate those that would try to control the Internet, until the Internet generation is in charge, (why does that scare me a little bit?) 
Get to it The Internet!

As ever, what ever you are doing, set up your backup first, (because you can't do it after you lose your data; as soon as you have data you can lose it.)

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