Published: 2012-Jun-04 21:10

My Truth

Everything you know is wrong, (or so I'm reliably informed by my good friends Chumbawamba in a song of theirs from the fantastic album Um?)

I've have, as far as I know, never met any of the members of that band, so the truth is that they are unlikely to actually be 'my good friends'. Putting aside what this first sentence actually means, and taking it literally it is, logically false. (If part of a statement is false then the statement as a whole, logic dictates, is also false.)

So this leads me to the meat, (or pumpkin for vegetarians) of this post: My truth. There isn't a single definite truth, (thanks to Gödel, not even in mathematics!) Each of my truths is a memetic[0] infection that I've picked up during the sudo-random passage of my life or concluded, (often incorrectly) from a collection of other things that I've experienced.

This is how I have constructed My Truth. [Mention that more social interaction leads to a more average truth and reduces the chances of extreme truths.]

Once I started to view the ideas and beliefs that exist inside of my own head as residual infections from my experiences, religion seemed ridiculous. I have to separate this from faith, because faith is not constrained by logic; but as organised religion dies off humanity will need understandable ways to express and experience faith and as faith is not demonstrable I propose that we refer to this as:

My inner truth

[0] From Meme