Published: 2012-Jun-17 23:59

The Bring Take Mistake

The problem with learning is that once you understand something, (less vs fewer) then it can either aggravate you when others fall foul of this trap or give you some sense of superiority. Beyond your own emotional reaction there is the question of your response, (write a blog entry, shout ALL IN CAPS, smile smugly to yourself.) I would suggest that you practise not responding and only indicating it to those that have already asked for your help, (or are formally your students.)
  That said, as reference here is my explanation on "bring vs take".

Here the character Lenard says, "bring you home", when he should have said, "take you home."

An other example can be found: here (not to be confused with the great John Green's correct use of bring here).

It feels to me that the bring-take mistake is on the rise faster than the less-fewer mistake, (of which more people seem to be aware.)

So split your infinitives; Use a preposition to end your sentences with; but avoid the bring-take mistake!
(and don't tell anyone in particular until they ask for a correction.)