Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Where do we go from here?

Additional legislation will only force the creation of dark-nets, (private encrypted virtual networks). The reason that all the legislation is futile is that, right now the cryptographers are winning in the fight against the cryptanalysts.
 The UK blocks thepiratebay and within hours there are proxy portals all over the Internet. Even if all of those were blocked then it would be possible to tunnel, (openVPN, openSSH, freeSwan) using free software, and even if those are hard for the average user to apply, by passing laws that criminalise the average citizen/netizen it only encourages the more talented programmers to facilitate the use of these existing protocols.
  Old media, just like the old post colonial societies are caught up in a revolution that is beyond their control, and thought we can not predict exactly how the future is going to be, I know that I want it to be a friendlier place to live with fewer laws and more sharing.

p.s. The next big thing will be centralised encrypted personal medical records. Locked using ssh keys and accessible to a quorum of relatives using their own keys and Shamir's Secret Sharing.

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