Published: 2012-May-12 09:53

Upgrade now!

There is an old Unix saying: Do one thing and do it well.

I was at a friends house when they asked me, "Its asking me if I want to upgrade?" So I looked at the alert. It was a bittorrent client and it said something like:

New version 3.1.3, (you have 3.1.2):

  • Built-in HD media player
  • Stability improvements
  • Anti-virusĀ 

I expect that most people would think that this sounds like three good reasons to upgrade. I can see that it is two reasons NOT to "upgrade" and stability that is improved, (bug fixes) will probably pale in comparison to this client trying to muscle into two alien arenas.

Yes I can see why they are doing it. Yes I can even see the connections but they should NOT. If they have to justify their existence with "More! because MORE" then they should write optional Modules.

I do not care how good the HD media player is - VLC and mplayer have spent decades of man-hours creating really good products, (and they are free). ClamWin is a perfectly acceptable anti-virus. In both of these arenas there are lots of opensource groups that would be willing to let their program accept API calls from another program, (or already do.)

If you want to improve your product then fix the bugs. If you want to use your market position to offer other functions or services, then create optional modules. I still do not know why, the moment that a piece of software starts to be developed in a corporate way it becomes bloated with features that I DO NOT want.

So thanks to this there is another Transmission users.