Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mount .iso image on XP or Vista

So you end up with an iso image on a USB falsh drive. You don't have any blank CDs, (remember those?) and you have a program that throws a tantrum if it can't see its parent disk, (even if all the data is now on your hard-disk.)

There are probably a few solutions, but for me ImDisk wins.

  1. Given away by the very cool Olof Lagerkvist, (I have not had the pleasure of thanking him in person... yet.)
  2. No corporate cruft, (no pop-ups, no "look at how cool I am" in fact that threw me for a few seconds when nothing turned up in the Programs Folder or the start menu: Just install and then right-click on your iso image to mount it.
  3.  Did I mention how attractive all the Swedish people, (that I've met) are?

It just feels like this guy knows what he is doing; does it well and does not look for the credit. What a balanced human, (compared to some needy software, yes Adobe, HP, ${all anti-virus other than ClanWin} I am looking at you.. but I don't want to and that is my point here - you should be there for me, not the other way round!)

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