Friday, 2 March 2012

Looking for a poster

A little more than twenty years ago I bought a poster in a shop in London. The shop was one of a chain called Athena. The poster was in portrait orientation and depicted a waterfall. There was a couple, (man and woman) standing in front of, (or on or next to) the waterfall, and I think that they were kissing. The location seemed to be wild and natural, (possibly a jungle) and the poster was in colour.

( I remember someone teasingly pointing out that both of the people in the poster were effeminate. )

If it was originally a photograph then it was, (what is the poster equivalent of interpolated rotoscoping?) with a sort of pastel finish, (I am clearly not an expert on poster styles.)

I left mine, by accident, at school and have been looking for it, (when I think of it) ever since.
I'm not sure that I want it, but having mistakenly leaving something irks me enough to want it back.

I've searched the Internet.  I've searched some poster companies, and now I've put it in my blog so that the collective power of the Internet can find it for me to buy.

[Please note that all of the links in this post are to posters that are NOT the one I'm looking for. ]

For reference I threw together the elements that I remember into an example, (thank you GIMP and $The_Internet).