Published: 2012-Jan-29 21:56

Monkey httpd

This weekend I tried monkey httpd. The short version: It rocks.
I had a little trouble getting it to server CGI (.php .pl .cgi .py .rb .bash) because the server that came with it, (written in python - bless their cotton socks) did not work for me.

If you want to use the script that I hacked together then feel free:

The big gotcha for me was "\r\n\r\n" rather than "\n\n". But once I tracked that down it was, (much like that reset of monkey-project) just as I expected, with everything where it should be and even painted the right colours!

I'm off to hack the auth plugin to make it read .htaccess and then I'm going to "uninstall", (yes, remove) apache.

(Then I'm going to port my little perlĀ Net::Server script to native c.)