Friday, 3 February 2012

Adverts and crosswords

Near the start of the 1990ies B&H had a poster advert campaign in England, (possibly the UK,) that consisted of a crossword clue and an image that combined the clue with the answer. I had just started to try cryptic crosswords and found them rather easy. My driving instructor seemed to also enjoy them. (I don't recall anyone in my life liking the product.)

This entry is to collect all of them together, as I find them:
  1. EASY TO CRACK? (6,4)
  2. GOODBYE GRINGO? (7,4)
  3. NIPPIN' PIPPINS? (4,6) 
  5. LEAN ON ME? (7,5)
  6. DEFT THEFT? (5,8)
  7. CITY SHRUBS? (8,6)

A description of the image
  1. A gorilla made of bolt fastenings holding a wrench
  2. Hokusai's Great ocean picture with the water made from sombreros
  3. A tree with non-lobster crustacean fruit.
  4. A green valise with extraneous plumbing attached
  5. A stick insect
  6. A glowing hand taking an object from an overcoat
  7. A white forest
  8. A grasshopper playing the flute

Answer, (or so I think)
  1. Monkey nuts
  2. Mexican wave
  3. Crab apples
  4. Bagpipes
  5. Walking stick
  6. Light fingered
  7. Concrete jungle
  8. Playing cricket

Do you have a favourite cryptic crossword puzzle?
Mine would probably be:
hijklmno? (5)

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