Friday, 30 December 2011

Yodelice is a Vampire

In my spare time I like to narrate my tramp-stories. These are not stories about tramps, but the (possibly) romanticised idea that some tramps would exchange stories of their travels, in exchange for shelter and food.
( When I don't have an audience I tap the fragments and scenarios into a computer, but that does not make me a writer. )

I was given the Yodelice CD Cardioid this yule. I was taking to see him back in 2009 and spent much of 2010 listening to his Tree of Life album. I have come to the conclusion that he is one of the greatest musicians of this century, (and possibly the next), and that he is a vampire.

My latest story involves vampires, so I'm going to notice the signs more readily than even Renfield.
I have not formally been introduced to Yodelice, but I did get to sit at the table next to his at the after party back in 2009;
So I have seen him on stage and in a social environment, but surely that is not enough to make a determination. I fully agree. We need his confession, and thankfully he has put it in his lyrics:

When a vampire is made they go through all sorts of emotions that are hard to envisage unless you are going to live forever. This is far more alien than any human ever expects, and shows up in the line:

"What if I don't get over you"

This is part of a lament about spending eternity with one person.

If this seems flimsy then how about these fragments as clearer evidence:

"There is more to us than meets the eye."
"The dream was a nightmare."
"Blacker than the knife thrust in my back"
"The pain feels just right."
"Unseen and forsaken"
"Ripped off my flesh. Betrayal and sadness, booming in my chest"
"Silent howling in the night"
"My life cast aside"
"I've been hoping for someone like you for 5000 nights; Let me be the one to love you for 5000 more." (We know he means years.)

..and for those sceptics out there:

"Real life just died tonight".

These are just some of the examples, (possibly I would understand more if I was a vampire), maybe every line is a code?
None of this compares to the clear boredom I observed at his after party and the life-wrenching humanity stealing power of his performances, (and don't claim that he was just tired from being on tour and having just spent the whole evening rocking the lives of hundreds of people: Vampires have almost endless strength at night!)

That said,

Yodelice is worthy of the worship by his audience of acolytes. I may have been bitten by this troubadour's music, but I feel that it is not possible to overstate
this person's talent. (AND now he even turns up in a film, "Les Petits Mouchoirs")

If you like this game then the whole of "Wake me up" with lines like "Mama, what's the cold in my veins?" is going to blow your mind.

And don't get me started on his collaboration with his "photographer" (more like faux-(all)-together) in the track "My Blood is Burning". Ha!
 Alice is more than just a photographer! (Though she is clearly very talented.) One article she did is entitled "The height of fashion six floors under" the gall! How much more obvious could she make it?

I do not think we have anything to worry about as long as we let them continue to produce their art.

Sleep well, children of the night.

This is for entertainment purposes and should NOT be used to ask Yodelice, (or rather Maxim Nucci from the band Yodelice) to turn into a shaved-mouse.

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