Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Best pen ever

You should be thankful that this blog is not in my handwriting. I've never liked my writing; It damages my artistic enjoyment of the world and scratches against my sense of beauty.  At the same time it appals me like any other revolting thing that may emanate from my corpse.

That said, from time to time I do scrawl of sheets of dead tree and when I do I want the experience to be as painless as possible.

I feel that I am a long way off from being an enthusiast, like some people, but when I find something that I like, I want to share it, (and be able to remember it, hence this entry.)

There have been three good pens in my life worth mentioning and the first, (maybe controversially) is the Pentel P205.  For those of you watching in colour, it looks like:
Pentel P205 propelling pencil

 Why might this be a shock? Because it is, <noise like="Dun Dan Duuuun"/> a pencil. The P205, (like its yellow sister P209 and blue P207, and brown P203), is a propelling pencil. The P205 takes 0.5 mm leads, (P209 takes, you guessed it 0.9 mm).

I've had three of the P205 so far, and two of them are still working, (even after years and years of use.)
(I had a P209 but I leant it to someone at school and forgot to get it back.)
Some would argue that the P205 is too light, but for me that is part of the appeal - it feels sturdy enough without needless weight. The pocket-clip is detachable, (if you need to?)

The next pen worth mentioning was a gift from a bandwidth supplier, ( It came in a nice box that looked like:

cross box

and the pen itself looked like:

Cross ATX Matte Ballpoint Pen

The Cross ATX Ballpoint pen, (not to be confused with the water-based roller-ball version, which has a cap that comes off like the fountain pen in this range), twists to retract and extend the point of the cartridge.

This one feels expensively heavy in the hand, (even though it is one of the cheapest of the Cross pens.) I really liked how it wrote, but clearly not enough... because I left it somewhere in Cambridge.
I plan to get another of these and having inspected a few reviews I would go for the same colour and the matte finish.

That leads me to the latest entry and a short story. I found a pen. I liked it. It felt like the best of the previous two, (light, wrote well, didn't feel excessively cheap, but I didn't mind lending it to someone.) I planned to make a note about this pen, using said pen, so that I would be able to get another one once I lost this one... which I promptly did. All I could remember was that it was black, wrote well and had a metal pocket clip. I searched the house a few times and then gave up. The plan was to let my unconscious remember where it was and let me know. That was 2009. Today, the fourth day of June 2012 I found it, and what is more I found out why I had missed it in my previous searches. The metal pocket clip had broken off, hiding like a two leafed clover, in with a jar of other pens. The pen that I'm talking about is the Pilot V-ball 0.5 and looks like:
Pilot V-Ball 0.5

Now if you have tried the 0.7, (which is, on some websites, sold as the 0.5) you may, like me think that this is a smudgy pen that gushes too much ink. In my hunt I found a few of the 0.7 and had surges of hope, (they were black and had a metal pocket-clip) only to be disappointed as they vomited their tar onto the page. Then this evening I noticed a black pen from which the pocket-clip had been removed... The clouds parted as divine intervention struck my brain with imagination, expectation and understanding. To be precise the barcode on this pen is: 4902505085406 (yes, I really don't want to lose this pen again - and when I say "this pen" I mean make-n-model.)

As I do very little writing, (some would argue that I do none at all and that my scrawls don't count), I would be interested in any recommendations from people that have tried one or more of these three and then found something even better.


p.s. I'll probably mention this in a few posts, but to add the images for this post I have to thank $The_Internet and openssl. The images are created from jpegs with the command:

openssl base64 -in image.jpg -out image.base64

and then added to the HTML with <img alt="What this is" src="data:image/jpg;base64,
[Paste in the data from the image.base64 file here]  "/>

Obviously, if you are using PNG then change the src to data:image/pgn;base64,

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