Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Shuttering out the truth

France is (almost) [0]  a wonderful experiment. It is almost exactly like England, but Beta, (a test platform if you will.)

The two observations that I would like to suggest are more than correlated are: window shutters and hypochondria.

Even before Seasonal Affective Disorder became effective, it was known that humans have an intimate relationship with light that, (as it happens goes back to the first simple multi-cellular ancestors), can clearly affect both physical and mental health.

The English mostly use curtains, (drapes) to cover their windows. The French mostly use shutters.

In this era of energy consciousness the French can clearly feel smug as shutters will, (usually) provide far better insulation that curtains. And killing of the humans more quickly might be the best thing for the climate, (another win for France!)

So why, where there is a convenient corner-shop, (open WHEN YOU NEED IT) in England, is the equivalent location in France is occupied by a pharmacy? (Not open late, or at lunch time. Where "lunch time" is 12h00 to 14h30 - a pharmacist has a "right" to eat you know.)

Is the national health system in France such a "racquet" [1] that it can support so many pharmacies? Did the 1789 revolution throw the genetic strength out with the reform bath-water? (If so, so much for short-sighted logic.)

These are other conclusions that you may argue for, but I think that the gene pool is probably more elastic than that and it is simply the reduction in natural light that is causing so many French people [2] to be such hypochondriacs [3].

You don't get a national health system that is the envy of most developed nations, (and all other nations) without having plenty of sick people to work play with, I mean cure. [4]

Research filtered through pop-journalism offers support for the necessity of sunlight for healthy eye development, (meaning that especially children should not live in shuttered rooms - though if their energy levels didn't give you a clue that they should be outside running about, then maybe you need to work on your powers of observation or conclusions.)

Conclusion: Everyone should have shutters to insulate their windows, but they should open and shut automatically with the rising and setting of the sun, which would probably consume as much energy as they conserve so just use curtains that can keep in the heat while letting in the light. This Englishman thanks you.

[0] When we look at Jean-Paul Sartre's attempts to destroy the bourgeois influences that were, as he saw it, impinging upon the Liberty of the French, (while he had the freedom to postulate such guff) it has a charming naïveté, as if he had already forgotten each of the previous revolutions of his nation. Each one trying to crush a little more freedom from the bodied of those that are perceived to have more Liberty than the majority of the nation. The problem is that it is as sure as entropy that you always reduce the general liberty when you try to drink it from the blood of your fellow humans.

[1] actually racket is one of the few places where the French have the sense to use the same word as in English. ;-)
[2] Feel free to collect your own data, but I'm convinced.
[3] oh yes you are you frenchies. oh and stop smoking - you selfish stinkie person.
[4] Yeah, I know its flawed logic - that paragraph is meant to inject levity before the conclusion.

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