Friday, 5 September 2014

On the time of whom?

Another Sunday morning Speculation, (where one of the many things that puzzle me get posted in the form of a research hypothesis.)

It is the start of a new academic year for many and that gives me the perfect setting for something that I've wondered for a while:

Imagine that ten women arrive at University and are all put together in the same house. They have communal everything and sleep in a long dormitory with five beds down one side and five down the other, (more like a boot-camp than a University.)

My question, (and I can find no papers on this) is this: presuming that when they arrive they are not all menstruating on the same day of the month, and that with time they sync up - which girl is the anchor that they move into sync with, (if any - maybe it is more egalitarian than patriarchal and they all move the required time to arrive at a mean time, (statistics, not puns!) )

Then the next questions are: how and why? If it is controlled by pheromones then it should be possible to create a contraceptive mist that would change cyclically to avoid the more rapid sections of hormonal fluctuation that exist, (e.g. day 13 oestrogen crash). Which could lead to happier lives, (but further speculation is poetic at best and futile or damaging, until the first question is confirmed.)

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