Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Stairing at a Designing

When I first saw MinuteLabs Corner-reflector I was designing a new wooden staircase. It was to connect the upper floor of a house with a lower one, but with some unusual constrains. I looked into the local laws that I could find, and the usual calculations dictated by logic and human proportions, (I didn't find www.blocklayer.com Stairs Calculator until much later.)

To that end I plan to create an interactive system where by you enter the height, [0] (between the ground level of the upper floor and the lower level) and the depth within which the staircase has to fit. You can toggle risers on or off, (for steep stairs they would be off automatically.)

Then the system would calculate how many steps you would, (or should) need and how close to being a ladder, (vertical) or decking, (horizontal).

The BlockLayer site even calculates the piece of wood that you need. The only option that it seems to be missing is the ability to set the treads into slots in the stringer, (the long side part of the staircase) rather than notching.

Once I dig out my notes, I'll add the measurements, calculations and regulations that I found.

[0] Actually just dragging the staircase like the laser in the corner-reflector seems like a better human interaction design.

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