Monday, 19 August 2013

Linux species 2013

It is easy to forget that Linux is the kernel and not the whole operating system. That said, colloquially, "I'm using linux" seems to be an acceptable statement. If we look at the computer operating system world as organic, (which I would argue it very much is within the *NIX biome) we can identify which version of linux has evolved to best fill each niche.

I started out using Slackware, (yes it is a point of pride, but the choice had nothing to do with me.) For understanding Linux, just as reading the Lion book explained UNIX Slackware 7, (not sure what the later version are like) or LFS can be a bit of a cold shower of education. Probably very good for you, but no one would chose that if they knew the implications and had the choice, (after the fact, when you have the warm glow of knowledge it seems like _everyone_ should do the same.)

I'm writing this on crunchbang. Just like CFEditor's previous names crunchbang may, with time, come to be known as cb-linux. For the power user it seems to be perfect, but a power user is perfectly capable of working that our for themselves.

So who else is living the linux life? What distro should they be using?

It looks like the desktop/laptop world is moving away from Ubuntu to Mint, (based on my extensive four data point sample set.) The irony of "people giving up on Ubuntu due to Unity", (when you understand the original meaning of the word ubuntu) is funny.

The more I look at this it seems that the best communities gather around one person with one hand-waving idea, "I want it like this" and then others that agree vote with their (digital) feet.

You ask: What rot?

Linux: Linus, Slackware: Patrick, Crunchbang: Philip Newborough (though the crunchbang community itself seems more important now. Talking of which, Muppets: Jim Henson.)

Which leads me to the next question, (though I clearly have not finished the first.) People die, (no that's not a question) so what happens to the community that built up around them?  Well it either crumbles if it is an empire, or incorporates as a sudo-democracy, (or occasionally continues as a dynasty).

We can already see that with CentOS, (see I did go back). So why do I think that CentOS is _THE_ server OS? Because I don't want a homogeneous environment.

We can't all be Debian freaks ;-) Though looking at this trends graph it seems, at first glance that no one is going to be getting freaky by 2020. I think that, just as Google seem to be referring to the Linux under the Android under the hood less and less, Debian is silently under Ubuntu under Linux Mint. Those that we, (as humanity) need to work on Debian don't actually have to talk about it or search via google, anymore than you use a map to get to your office after the first day.

2013 Linux picks by Alexx Roche: {
Server: CentOS, Power-dekstop: Crunchbang, Parents: Linux Mint.

What other ecosystems are there that you live in, and which distro would you use?

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