Thursday, 18 July 2013

Youtube pumping

With the new HTML5 on a 2Mbps ADSL connection I've found, (in Chromium on an old laptop [0]) that I have to pause the video, (using the space bar [1]) to manually buffer the stream from time to time. I don't know why the browser can't do this automatically, but it feels like it is sleeping/waiting for the browser load to go down before it hits the network. (And when it drains the buffer it stops playing which triggers it to get more.)

I really look forward to HTML5 video, but it seems that there is still a kink in the browser to work out.

[0] 32bit Intel CPU@1.20GHz running Ubuntu Linux with 2Gig of RAM.
[1] it should be possible to disable "space-bar = page down" for pages that have HTML5 video, because paging down when you mean to pause is frustrating.

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