Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Writing environment

I do most of my writing, (both code and stories) in Linux. I launch screen with my custom screenrc and then use vim. In my ~/.vimrc I have:

function! Doc()
  set linebreak
  syntax off
  set spell spelllang=en_gb

function! OffDoc()
  set nolinebreak
  syntax on
  set nospell

" so ,doc (comma-d,o,c) typed into command mode runs the Doc() function
map ,doc :call Doc()<CR>
map ,offdoc :call OffDoc()<CR>
map ,od :call OffDoc()<CR>

so when I'm not coding I type ,doc and vim turns into the perfect writing environment for me, . o O ( because I cost it!)  [0]

When I find myself in some strange non-linux OS I use notepad++ (which even works rather well in WINE.)

I should probably use ( just confuses me. Yes I'm that old.) If you are thinking of writing an editor for your website I would strongly suggest that you look at CKEditor first. (Yes RT4.0 I'm looking at you!)

Remember that you can implement an entire wiki, (more than a text editor) with one line of perl:

[0] Yes this is my L'Oréal joke.

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