Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Outside of the box and in childgarden

As Sir Ken Robinson, (and The Bible) tells us, children can be an unusual source of wisdom. The one that impressed me the most was a researcher asking children how to save energy in the home. One reply was, "ban toast". This was remarkable for me because children usual love toast, (I know I do) and the clarity of logic when asked why, "because it is already cooked" seemed impressive.

I re-thought toast and found that I only need to toast things for two reasons.

  1. To deal with slightly stale bread, (or as the French would call it, "baget".)
  2. To make it easier to spread refrigerated butter
The first can be solved by re-purposing the bread through soaking it in pickling vinegar and using it to thicken soups. The second can be solved during winter by leaving the butter out and during summer by turning the fridge down, (and a variety of other methods, that sadly require thinking-ahead.)

This naturally lead to me wondering how to improve the refrigerator, and from that direction it seemed obvious that 10x50x1.2mm [0] strips of clear transparent PVC with individual right-angle clips could be attached in rows to each shelf to reduce the cold air flowing out of the fridge each time that the door is opened. The problem is that the things in the door might have reduced cooling and if the cooling required circulation then hanging walls of PVC at the front of each shelf might hamper performance. 

[0] Not all shelves are the same height, so 10x50, 10x100, 10x200, 10x500 mm should also be available.

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