Sunday, 10 February 2013

People should stick to what they are good at.

Like ending a sentence with a preposition ;-) If people should stick to what they are good at, the next question should be, how do we find out what we are good at? (Becoming good at something is simply a matter of basic training and then daily practice + a little aptitude - it is hard to become good at something that you do not like.) A few years, (about seven) you will have mastered it.

A few days ago I found an air traffic control simulator. Not only is this very cool, it made me wonder why we don't have a game for every job.

I am reminded of the games ConflictInheritance - Simon Hessell Software and the kingdom simulator on the BBC Microcomputer Welcome! disc. These were relatively simple, but I found that I could play them for hours.

Children like games, so why not have a "being prime minister" game and a, "being a fireman" game. Each game would have to test aptitude while also trying to convey some sense of the real experience, ( I leave this up to the game developers.)

Another example of learning through fun would be Robocode. The idea is to build a robot tank, and have it fight with other tanks. The skill learnt, at the same time, is programming in Java. I believe that all programming is related in some way, so even if you wanted to become a objective-c programmer or a python hacker, having played this game when you were younger would help.

We should start wars where nations have virtual wars with autonomous robots that actually kill each other, (what could possible go wrong with that?) Though there should be a significant bonus for achiveing a win with the minimum cost, (so that it isn't just the most well funded that wins - or we will end up with the current mess that global leadership is in.)

[update] If you look into the Internet long enough, it will look back into you. Well not quite, but it seems that the potential for this already exists, (and I am a fan of using browsers as the frame.)

Disclosure: I've never been world-class at anything, but I've known many people that were.

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