Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Buddha's Holy Cow Abattoir

Looking over the last half of my life I can see that I've found a lot of so-called wisdom. Much of it was out of date and the more specific it was the faster it became irrelevant.

One thing that aggravated me was the way that some authors attributed their ideas to much older times, locations or individuals. I thought that they were trying to add gravitas while destroying a good wine by trying to artificially age it. Now, with more experience, I have found that it is much easier to explain an idea if you disassociate yourself from that idea. Often people will waste time asking for the source rather than considering the point, or trying to understand how they could arrive at the same understanding. This is the difference between being show and being a Seeker.

That said, here is some, 'ancient wisdom':

The spoon does not have to make a loud noise to effect change - it moves silently touching only those closest to it.

Do not presume that your prayers will purify you; Slaughter your holy-cows and find the silent voice that knows best.

Be kind and generous and considerate; Try to find the right balance between all three:

Love, hope and charity;
simplicity, patience, compassion - these things often travel in threes.

Do your Tai-chi in the dark, not in the park; Before stretching your muscles, stretch your ego.

If you clatter about yelling at the world how wrong it is then you are contributing to the problem - be the change and wait for others to realise you're perfect. When they ask what is so special about you, rebuff them with a shrug and, a simple, 'nothing'.

Enlightenment can not be taught or bought.

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