Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Addicted to youtube?

If not then let me help you with a shot in the arm via a question.
"If each of the following people/channels had uploaded a new video while you slept, in which order would you watch them?"
(This is my list, in order, right now.)


C.G.P. Grey
Minute Physics


ChessNetwork (Thunderhorse I Warzone Chess Tournament)
ChessNetwork (other than Thunderhorse)

The Greens

Crash Course (World History and Biology)
Sci' Show




S.M.B.C. Theater
FPS Russia

Denha's contraptions
People are awesome

I know that science is learning, but these were the groupings that seemed to naturally appear from my preference order.I also know about, but somehow don't find myself watching as obsessively, (though I do watch them):

V Sauce
the R.S.A. org
Smalin (visual music)
The Singing Banana

and I did watch X's adventures in minecraft but since Magica both he and I seem to have lost interest in his channel.

I'm sure that I have more in common with the "Science" audience than with the majority of FPSRussia's audience, but I still enjoy them, (and admit to being addicted too) in a ratio that is proportional to their distance from the start of this blog entry, (in millimetres, for those that need units.)

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